What We Do

GSE recognizes that hydrocarbons will remain a critical resource for the foreseeable future, even as alternative energy technologies are developed. We want to make hydrocarbon recovery as efficient and effective as possible to extend these resources and to reduce the environmental impact of the recovery process. GSE's vision is to revolutionize hydrocarbon recovery through our ground-breaking technologies.

GSE's business is the development, marketing and licensing of its patented and patent-pending technologies and related services and products through its consulting and proprietary technology licensing services, including the GSX® formulation and LIQUEX® hydrocarbon extraction process. A GSE license encompasses technology information including engineering, design and operating details for using GSE’s proprietary LIQUEX® process for hydrocarbon recovery as well as the specific GSX® formulation for the application. In addition to licensing our technologies to operating companies, we provide technical support to facilitate implementation.

All of GSE's technologies are based on the use of its proprietary family of reagents, GSX®. GSE's flagship technology is the patented LIQUEX® process of extracting hydrocarbons from naturally containing hydrocarbon sources, including coal, oil sands and oil reservoirs. The company continues to conduct advanced research and development (R&D) to improve and further develop these technologies as well as investigate additional applications that could benefit from the technology.

GSX® causes hydrocarbons to separate from other materials in which they reside in a cost-effective, efficient, low severity, and environmentally sustainable manner. When used under specific conditions, GSX® acts as an extraction or oil recovery enhancement reagent because of its strong physico-chemical affinity with hydrocarbons such as crude oil and bituminous organic matter, and works under moderate temperature and moderate pressure, i.e., under essentially ambient conditions.