GSE provides licensing and consulting services for its LIQUEX® technology, which is based on a family of proprietary reagents, GSX®.

GSE's flagship product is its patented technology, LIQUEX®, for fossil-fuel extraction, liquefaction and/or recovery. GSE's LIQUEX® technology has been demonstrated to be highly effective in liquefying, solubilizing and/or extracting bituminous matter comprising hydrocarbons as well as non-hydrocarbon organic matter, such as asphaltenes and resins in fossil fuels, including coal, oil sands, and petroleum. The technology can be readily deployed without the aid of a catalyst, promoter, surfactant or hydrogen under very mild conditions in terms of temperature and pressure.

The proprietary reagents are recyclable, low in toxicity, low in volatility and non-corrosive. The technology is less costly compared to other known liquefaction, solubilization and/or extraction processes for hydrocarbons. GSX® penetrates or diffuses into particles, pieces, blocks or chunks of hydrocarbon-containing substances at appreciable rates, subsequently releasing the liquefiable, solubilizable or extractable fraction in them even under or near ambient conditions of temperature and pressure, i.e., low severity, although the reagents' effectiveness tends to improve at slightly higher temperatures and pressures. GSE's technology can potentially be deployed industrially either ex situ or in situ for all varieties of hydrocarbons.

GSE's technology is based on an extraction taking place when the reagent and organic matter, mainly comprising hydrocarbons, come into direct contact with each other, at which time the organic matter dissolves into the reagent. The resultant mixture of the organic matter and reagent forms a single-phase, i.e., homogeneous, solution which can be separated by simple distillation to capture the target hydrocarbon products and recycle the reagent for future application.