About Us

Green Source Energy® ("GSE") was founded in 2007 by opinion leaders in oil exploration, chemical engineering and process technology with decades of operational and R&D experience. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with facilities in Manhattan, Kansas and New Orleans, Louisiana. GSE's technology is beneficial to producers of hydrocarbons, such as crude oil, coal and oil sands, seeking enhanced and more efficient solutions for developing their hydrocarbon resources.

GSE is a division of Green Source Holdings LLC that develops and licenses patented technologies to enhance hydrocarbon recovery. We offer novel solutions while reducing the energy and natural resources expended in the process.

The name Green Source Energy® reflects the company’s focus on developing technologies that will unlock resources in a more environmentally friendly way than current alternatives. GSE does this by offering a low tech, low severity solution requiring little energy and other utility resources to implement.

We are addressing a global challenge in which:

  • Demand for hydrocarbon-based energy is growing while sources of "easy" oil are decreasing;
  • Alternative, unconventional sources exist but are costly to recover;
  • Demand is increasing for solutions that protect the environment through recycling and the better use of resources; and
  • There is growing interest in "greener" hydrocarbon recovery techniques.