Coal Liquefaction

GSE provides coal producers a low tech, viable ex situ method for direct coal liquefaction. The most significant benefit is to open new markets to coal producers by offering an economically and environmentally sustainable method for solubilizing coal and increasing the value of the coal product. more

Oil Sands Extraction

GSE provides a cost-effective solution to extract bitumen or crude oil from mined oil sands. The benefits include reducing the demand for utility resources in the extraction process, particularly reducing the use of water and eliminating tailing ponds, improving bitumen recovery rates, and the ability to economically process oil sands with lower quantities of bitumen. more

Crude Oil Recovery

The in situ use of reagent, GSX®, has the potential to enhance ultimate recovery in an oil reservoir during any phase of oil production including: in primary mode using it as a reservoir pressure maintenance agent; in secondary mode instead of waterflooding; and in tertiary mode after waterflooding with the addition of surfactants. An additional advantage of using GSX® for in situ crude oil recovery applications is to maintain a longer peak oil production period, thus reducing project operation life.