Dr. L. T. Fan

Management Team: Biography

Dr. L.T. Fan

Dr. L. T. Fan, is Co-Chairman (Research and Development) of Green Source Holdings LLC and developed the patented technology behind the company. As Co-Chairman, Dr. Fan oversees the company’s continuing R&D efforts to expand the use of the technology in hydrocarbon extraction.

In addition to his duties with Green Source, Dr. Fan is University Distinguished Professor and The Mark H. and Margaret H. Hulings Chair of Engineering and Director, Institute for Systems Design and Optimization at Kansas State University. Dr. Fan is also Managing Partner, Solidiwaste Technology, L. P., President of Liquefied Fossil Fuels Corporation, President of Heartland Composites Development Corporation, and President of The SF Materials Corporation.

A native of Taiwan, Dr. Fan received a B.S. from National Taiwan University (1951), an M.S. from Kansas State University (1954), and a Ph.D. from West Virginia University (1957), all in Chemical Engineering, and an M.S. in Mathematics from West Virginia University (1958). He returned to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kansas State as Instructor in 1958, became Full Professor in 1963, served as Department Head for 30 years beginning in 1968, and was appointed University Distinguished Professor in 1984. He continues to be active in both teaching and research, traveling throughout the world in connection with conferences and collaborative research and as a consultant to governmental agencies and private corporations.

Prior to assuming the department headship, Dr. Fan was a primary player in launching the Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering, establishing the Institute for Systems Design and Optimization, and modernizing the chemical engineering curriculum at Kansas State. His theoretical and experimental research encompasses process system engineering, reaction engineering, biochemical engineering, transport phenomena, particle technology, and environmental engineering. Dr. Fan has authored or coauthored seven books, some of which have been translated into foreign languages; several hundred refereed journal articles; and many non-refereed articles. He is credited with 17 patents. Dr. Fan’s publications are widely referenced as evident from more than 6,000 citations listed in Science Citation Index. Moreover, many of the technologies invented and patented by him are put in practice.

Notable among the numerous awards and honors bestowed on Dr. Fan are: the Iinoya Award of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan (1986); an honorary doctorate from the University of Pannonia, formerly the University of Veszprém, Hungary (1990); an honorary membership in the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (1996), the fourth non-Japanese to receive this honor in the Society’s history; the Taiwanese-American Foundation Achievement Award in Science and Engineering (2001); the Computing and System Technology Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (2003); and the Particle Technology Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (2007). Dr. Fan is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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