About Green Source Energy

GSE was founded in 2007 by opinion leaders in oil exploration, chemical engineering and process technology with decades of operational and R&D experience. GSE is a division of Green Source Holdings LLC that develops and licenses patented technologies to enhance hydrocarbon recovery. We offer novel solutions while reducing the energy and natural resources expended in the process. The name Green Source Energy® reflects the company’s focus on developing technologies that will unlock resources in a more environmentally friendly way than current alternatives.

What We Do

GSE's vision is to revolutionize hydrocarbon recovery through our ground-breaking technologies. GSE recognizes that hydrocarbons will remain a critical resource for the foreseeable future, even as alternative energy technologies are developed. We want to make hydrocarbon recovery as efficient and effective as possible to extend these resources and to reduce the environmental impact of the recovery process. GSE's business is the development, marketing and licensing of its patented and patent-pending technologies and related services and products.


GSE's flagship product is its patented technology, LIQUEX®, for fossil-fuel extraction, liquefaction and/or recovery. GSE's LIQUEX® technology has been demonstrated to be highly effective in liquefying, solubilizing and/or extracting bituminous matter comprising hydrocarbons as well as non-hydrocarbon organic matter, such as asphaltenes and resins in fossil fuels, including coal, oil sands, and petroleum. The technology can be readily deployed without the aid of a catalyst, promoter, surfactant or hydrogen under very mild conditions in terms of temperature and pressure.